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From day one, 2005, Top-Link has strived to be a leading manufacturer of electrical connectors, with in-house research and development capability. Over a decade in the making, we now own and operate a complete range of advanced high-precision manufacturing equipment. Our talented R&D team allows us to work closely with customers to deliver both standard and custom electrical connectors for use on mobile phones, AV equipment, data collection terminals, auto devices, data communication devices, lighting systems, etc. Our expansive catalogue covers everything you need to establish electrical connections, including the pogo pin, pogo pin connector, magnetic connector, RF connector, and I-clamp quick wire connector, just to name a few. Top-Link is one of the most respected names in the field of pogo pin. Another noteworthy item is the I-Clamp quick-connect wire connector, a proprietary product of Top-Link created in 2012. The state-of-the-art wire connector is designed to be safe, easy to install, and effective in getting the job done. Contact us today to get your best connector solution.

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    1. Pogo Pin Connector/Spring-Loaded Connector

      A precision connector for such electronic devices as mobile phones, AV equipment, health care equipment, data collection terminals, data communication devise, etc. The resulting connected wire is lightweight, small in size, and gives a neat, exquisite look.

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    1. Magnetic Connector

      Top-Link's magnetic power interface makes laptop charging easy and fast, magnetically connecting the power cord directly to the computer. If tension is placed on the power cord, the magnetic power connectors will simply disconnect itself to prevent the computer from falling or tripping the user by accident.

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    1. Wire Connector

      The days of using electrical tapes to connect wires together are gone, thanks to the I-clamp quick wire connector. This new electrical connector is a quicker, faster way to establish an electrical connection, without the hassle of stripping insulation sheath. Insert, press, and get it going. Making a perfect connection is a matter of 3 seconds.

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    1. RF Connector / Coaxial Connector

      RF connector's minimal applicable radio frequency is 2.4GHz and its attenuation is -.5db. Thisradio frequency coaxial connector meets the requirements for testing Bluetooth, Wi-Fi devices, videophones, notebook computers, and interphones.

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    1. Shield Finger / Spring Finger

      Top-Link's shield finger is an all-purpose spring finger commonly used for mobile phone antennas. This spring finger can not only be used in mobile phones, but also in PMPs, GPS systems, navigation equipment, 3G modules, and other wireless communication and network devices.

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